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Jersey Girl Hot Sauce - Best Seller 3 Pack (Sold Out - Back in Stock 2/15)

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Back in Stock 2/15

If you are a heat-seeking connoisseur, you must try our Variety Pack to experience the best of Jersey Girl. 

  • Locally grown, vine ripe peppers, some Jersey sweet potatoes, veggies, and a heaping scoop of love are blended to give our complex sauce something pretty simple - great taste.
  • Smooth, robust, and leaving your mouth tingling, you won't just taste the heat, but you won't overpower your food either.

Multi-Pack Includes

  • Jersey Girl Hot Sauce Sizzlin' Original - Every bottle of Jersey Girl Original Hot Sauce is packed with a pile of peppers, from the Trinidad Moruga Scorpion to the Bhut Jolokia—better known as the Ghost.
  • Jersey Girl Classic Medium Hot Sauce - complex pepper blend including Habanero Peppers as the main heat source. Blended to perfection with onion, garlic, sweet potatoes, and tomatoes. This delicious sauce is not overpowering but has a nice balance. 
  • Jersey Girl Bee Sweet Honey Hot Sauce- Sweet with a kick, just like Jersey Girl. Real honey means real flavor, but the sweet heat still lets your food shine through. Recommended for everything, but best served on Fish, Chicken, Avocado Toast