Jersey Girl Bee Sweet Honey Hot Sauce


Foodies, pitmasters, and backyard barbecuers've gotta bee cool and try Bee Sweet Hot Sauce!  Pour it on your avocado toast, air-popped popcorn, air-fried chicken, oak-smoked pulled pork, or really, any other trendy and delicious snacks you've got cookin'.  Whatever your palate prefers, you can't go wrong splashing on some of this addictively delicious sweet heat.  

  • We've tasted the competition. It's good. We're better. Why? Quality honey from quality bees. Trust us, we checked their little bee resumés. 
  • We only use locally grownvine ripe peppers to add some fire to the hive.
  • Sweet with a kick, just like Jersey Girl.
  • Real honey means real flavor, but the sweet heat still lets your food shine through.
  • If you aren't smiling after you try some of this sauce, you may want to check your pulse.