Jersey Girl Medium Hot Sauce


Here at Jersey Girl Hot Sauce, we know that not everyone is as keen to chug blended up Carolina Reapers as we are, so we have…another option.

Do you want all the punch-in-the-mouth flavor of Jersey Girl with less of the heat? Awesome. The medium sauce is for you. It’s extra medium, and by that, we mean a sauce that won’t set you ablaze but isn’t any less of a party on your plate.

  • No Scorpions stinging or Ghosts haunting this bottle. The hottest in here is the habanero, cooked down to a tamer temperature
  • Our classic sweet potato and tomato base—with that little bit of fiery zing—still lets you know you’re messin’ with the Jersey Girl
  • Great on any dish, from tofu to tapas to a Texan bowl o’ red. This isn’t just for wings and nachos. Jersey Girl is made for all.
  • Like all our other sauces, this is made with the environment in mind, so we can expand the world’s palate while reducing our own carbon footprint