With zero to low sodium content, Jersey Girl hot sauces offer a worry-free way to add bold flavor to your meals while staying true to a healthy lifestyle.

Whether you're drizzling them over tacos, marinating meats, or dipping veggies, you can enjoy the robust taste without any concerns about additional sodium intake

Wendy, CEO and Founder of Jersey Girl Hot Sauce

Hey, I'm Wendy,

a personal trainer and the creator of Jersey Girl Hot Sauce. I started Jersey Girl to bring a fresh, healthy vibe to hot sauce, without sacrificing flavor. I'm really passionate about my customers, and I always read every product review to make our sauce even better and provide top-notch service. Thanks for checking us out!

Why Jersey Girl?

Unlike the many artificial items flooding grocery store shelves today, our sauce boasts a fresh and natural approach.

Hand-picked peppers, tomatoes and perfectly roasted sweet potatoes form the foundation of our delightful sauce, resulting in a beautifully balanced sweetness profile.

By refraining from using extracts, we ensure that every spoonful brings forth a pleasant and palpable heat profile, allowing you to truly savor the inherent sweetness of the hot peppers we use.

  • Really good salt-free alternative. Spicy as heck!

    "I am a hot sauce freak. I put it on almost everything. When I realized how much sodium I was consuming everyday I knew I had to change my ways or I’d end up with major health issues in a few years. I ordered this to cut down on sodium but to keep spice in my life. Really happy and satisfied. This stuff is spicy and hits the spot for me. I love it!"

  •  Flavor, sodium free

    "This our new favorite hot sauce brand. I try to watch my sodium and found this stuff and will never go back. My wife doesn't need to watch her sodium but loves it just as much as I do. She actually used it all up so I ordered 4 more bottles. You definitely will not be disappointed, her favorite is the hot honey."

  • This Hot Sauce is Awesome!

    "Jersey Girl Hot Sauce is Hot. But it has incredible flavor as well. With no sodium and no carbs this is the best Hot Sauce on the market today. And I am a hot sauce dude. I've tried them all.
    Thanks Jersey Girl. Your the best!"