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Jersey Girl Hot Sauce Original

The Original Recipe

The Original - Every bottle of Jersey Girl Hot Sauce is packed with a pile of peppers, from the Trinidad Moruga to the Bhut Jolokia—better known as the Scorpion and the Ghost.

A unique flavor from a sweet potato base, adding a deeper flavor profile and kiss of sweetness that complements everything from traditional wings and pizza to avocado toast and mango sorbet. Versatility means deeper value.

But don’t think that means this sauce is too hot to handle, or is it?

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Jersey Girl Hot Sauce Medium Heat Level

Jersey Girl Medium Heat

Jersey Girl Medium Heat - We have taken our popular Original Recipe and created a milder version. This Sauce offers a smooth & robust flavor with a touch of sweetness from the sweet potato.

The sauce was crafted for the milder palate, it's a bearable burn since we use real, fresh habanero peppers - not capsaicin extracts that either add nothing or worsen the flavor of the sauce.

With Jersey Girl, you will not overpower the flavor of your food.

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Jersey Girl Bee Sweet Hot Sauce

Jersey Girl Bee Sweet

Jersey Girl Bee Sweet - Sweet with a kick, just like Jersey Girl. Real honey means real flavor, but the sweet heat really compliments dishes like fish, pizza & chicken. Try Bee Sweet today.

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Jersey Girl Hot Sauce Kitchen and Recipes
Jersey Fresh Ingredients

When crafting Jersey Girl Hot Sauce, we use vine ripe fresh ingredients.

There are no preservatives or artificial additives added to Jersey Girl Hot Sauce.

Jersey Girl is all natural.

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Why Jersey Girl?

Crafted in small batches, Jersey Girl Hot Sauce should be a staple at your next meal.

From the Jersey Shore to the Newport Beach, Jersey Girl's there to light up your days and burn down your nights.

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