I like hot sauce but I LOVE Jersey Girl hot sauce! I also feel less guilty putting it on everything I eat since I know I am putting all natural ingredients into my body, not to mention the low sodium content. Masala is my favorite but I also really enjoy classic and the honey hot sauce. I am not big on spice so this is just the right balance for me. The honey has more kick to it than the masala or classic. Again, perfect amount of heat for my taste!

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Los Angeles, CA

"Jersey Girl makes the best hot sauce in the world! I’m on a restricted sodium diet which makes finding good tasting items very hard to find."


"This is one of the very best I have EVER had. It has layers of flavor before you get the heat, and it can sneak up on you, but never gets to be too much"


I recently was told by my Doctor that I had had to cut out the salt. So the search was on! I looked at several “No Salt” options and ultimately chose Jersey Girl. The leap of faith was worth it! I was pleasantly surprised at the heat level of this sauce. I like my hot sauce HOT and Jersey Girl did not disappoint. Great flavor great heat level. I’ll be ordering more!


"Because of my husband’s sodium restricted diet, he has had a difficult time finding a hot sauce that has heat and flavor. This sauce delivers both! Thank you!"


"I am on a low sodium, healthy diet, but I also love spices, sauces and flavor....so I have to special order anything I use. This is an amazing hot sauce! I've tried many that have disappointed. This one has quite a kick, lots of flavor, healthy ingredients and no sodium!"


- an enticing harmony of sweetness and heat!

Jersey Girl Delivers!

Made with health-conscious folks in mind, many of our sauces contain 0mg of sodium - so you can indulge guilt-free. Don't just settle for any ordinary hot sauce, embrace the bold and adventurous flavors of Jersey Girl Hot Sauce!

Best Seller
Sizzlin' Hot Sauce
Amazing Heat Profile!
Our sodium-free signature blend of seven different hot peppers, including the Trinidad Scorpion pepper, is blended to perfection in small batches.
Fan Favorite
Honey Hot Sauce
Addictively Delicious!
This delectable combination of flavors is sure to tantalize your taste buds and leave you craving more. A unique blend of sweetness and heat.
A Taste of India
Indian Masala
Incredible Flavor!
This tantalizing mixture of Indian spices is sure to jazz up any meal you whip up! With its dynamic flavor and fiery kick, you'd better be prepared to 'get your tastebuds dancing.
Mild Heat
Classic Hot Sauce
Habanero Peppers
Don't worry about compromising the taste of your meals--this hot sauce won’t change the flavor of your food, and it’s sure to give your dishes an unforgettable kick.
New Arrival
Our Hottest Jersey Girl
This sauce craftily combines the Carolina Reaper and Dragon's Breath peppers for a flavor-filled, heat-filled zing that can take any dish to the next level.
Customize It
Custom Hot Sauce
Wedding, Birthdays & More
Whether it's a baby shower, bridal shower, or birthday celebration, these bottles can be personalized to complement any occasion

Step up your culinary game with Jersey Girl Hot Sauce!

Our all-natural roasted sweet potato & tomato base, perfected with a perfect balance of sweetness and heat, elevates the flavor of your meals to an unbeatable level of flavor-filled euphoria. Say goodbye to tasteless, boring meals, and join us in revolutionizing your culinary experience with Jersey Girl Hot Sauce!

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