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The Sauce

The Original Hot Recipe

Medium Heat

Bee Sweet (Spicy)

🌶 Ingredients

When we say garden-fresh, we mean it. We pick’m then cook’m and bottle’m. And that’s it. Why use anything besides the Jersey Girl’s own homegrown peppers and veggies? We farm locally to share worldwide. Reduce your footprint, know where your food came from, and spice up your kitchen, barbecue, or wherever with Jersey Girl. 

Jersey Girl Hot Sauce Kitchen and Recipes

🌶 The Kitchen

The Jersey Girl keeps her secrets. Hot sauce and secret recipes go together like, well, hot sauce and everything else. But we will tell you this: we use some chili peppers we're sure you've heard of (from the "ghostly" Bhut Jolokia to the Trinidad Moruga scorpion), simmered to squeeze out every last drop of flavor and just enough heat to zing your tastebuds without burning off your eyebrows. And that little bit of sweetness? Well, that's courtesy of some of Jersey's finest slow-cooked sweet potatoes and tomatoes. This isn't your average sauce. When the Jersey Girl gets cookin' things are bound to heat up.


🌶 Production

We use a USDA-certified co-op food processing facility, and what that does is gives Jersey Girl two of the things she wants: a reduction to her carbon footprint and a community of like-minded chefs. Environmental impact and community are two of Jersey Girl's biggest values, so we aim to embed them in our production process. But there's another thing this co-op does - ensures that every bottle of Jersey Girl is safe to eat. When you choose Jersey Girl you don't have to worry about the sauce itself or it's impact on the world. We're here to do good and make good food.


❤ Enjoying

We like to think that, like variety, hot sauce is the spice of life. What other sauce shows up at just about every gathering? Go ahead. Think of something that isn't made better with the right hot sauce - from backyard barbecues to beach bonfires to camping in the mountains, Jersey Girl is there to give a little extra kick to your already-rockin' events and adventures. From the Jersey Shore to Newport Beach, Jersey Girl's there to light up your days and burn down your nights. Cheers to the Jersey Girl in all of us! Get yourself a bottle and show us how you like to party with the Jersey Girl by taking a pic and tagging @jerseygirlhotsauce on Instagram.

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