Jersey Girl Hot Sauce

Sweet Potato Hot Sauce? Yes, it's a thing, and we perfected it.
We’re proud to make a product that people love and are excited to share with you.
Our customers, friends, and business partners who use Jersey Girl report that it is more than a hot sauce, it is also being used as a key ingredient in recipes (especially our Bee Sweet [Honey Hot] and Masala [Garam Masala blend] sauces), giving our products a broader appeal beyond the often-niche hot sauce space.

Jersey Girl Hot Sauce is all natural, no thickeners or additives, just sweet heat in a bottle that is a throwback to 50s rock’n’roll Americana, which is often the first thing people comment on when learning about Jersey Girl.


Wholesale Info

If you are a retailer interested in selling Jersey Girl Hot Sauce in your store or restaurant, please contact us through RangeMe