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Jersey Girl All Natural Hot Sauce - Variety 4 Pack

Jersey Girl All Natural Hot Sauce - Variety 4 Pack

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Try out the delicious flavors of Jersey Girl hot sauce with our 4-pack variety pack! Our selection of flavors will tantalize your taste buds and leave you coming back for more. Don't hesitate, get your hands on the best hot sauces around to spice up your meals!


Multi-Pack Includes

  • Jersey Girl Hot Sauce Sizzlin' Original - An adventure awaits you with every bottle of Jersey Girl Original Hot Sauce! Featuring an intense mix of peppers, including the intimidating Trinidad Moruga Scorpion and legendary Bhut Jolokia--the Ghost--this sizzlin' blend also has a tantalizing blend of sweet potatoes and tomatoes. Unlock the fiery flavors of Jersey Girl Hot Sauce!
  • Jersey Girl Classic Medium Hot Sauce - Experience a tantalizing taste adventure! Our complex pepper blend packs a powerful punch, with Habanero Peppers leading the way. Combined with onions, garlic, roasted sweet potatoes, and tomatoes, this sauce is a flavor sensation like no other. Not too much heat, just enough to tantalize your taste buds with a truly remarkable balance.
  • Jersey Girl Bee Sweet Honey Hot Sauce- Real honey with a zesty kick of hot sauce is a surefire way to add some adventure to your plate! This sweet heat tantalizes your taste buds and allows your chosen meal to still take center stage. Whether you're having fish, chicken, or avocado toast, the dynamic combo of sweet and spicy is sure to elevate the flavors you already love.
  • Jersey Girl Masala Hot Sauce - You won't believe the level of tastiness you can add to your dishes with this amazing mixture of spices and peppers! Get ready to surprise your friends and family with sensational Indian cuisine, thanks to our unbeatably flavorful mix of hot peppers like the habanero pepper. Our Masala blend boasts all the ingredients you need to take your cooking to the next level! Don't wait any longer - experience the complexity of this truly special spice blend!
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