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Our Story

Welcome to Jersey Girl Hot Sauce 

Our Commitment:

We understand just about every company is going to guarantee your satisfaction, but at Jersey Girl, we mean it. Jersey Girl Hot Sauce Co team is made by a group of passionate people for those passionate about their food. There is nothing cooler to us than transparency and respect for our customers. If you find yourself unhappy with our sauce, our brand, how we conduct ourselves, or anything Jersey Girl Hot Sauce Co - related, we’ll do everything we can to make it right immediately. 

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The History:

Secret identities are for squares, so let us introduce you to Wendy...the Jersey Girl. She loves spicy foods, and was always searching for the best peppers and the freshest all natural hot sauces. One day she realized that the true spice was already growing in her garden, and she started bottling up her liquid fire for the consumption of unwitting farmer's market and mom-and-pop grocery shop customers. She called this proto-sauce, Garden of Evil.

Next came the fateful meeting of Jersey Girl and Craig, the Jersey Boy. Wendy was working as a personal trainer, and she and Craig formed a friendship based around fitness and (what else?) hot sauce. Craig, having already built a successful, unrelated online business, told Wendy she should consider selling her sauces online. The online hot sauce community is pretty big, and they definitely deserved to be introduced to the Garden of Evil.

Craig and Wendy got to work, bringing in Mike - a second Jersey Boy and longtime friend of Craig's. While Craig was positive that Garden of Evil was going to be "the next big thing," Mike was a hot sauce skeptic. He tried it, and two days later texted simply "No way. Too hot for me."

Craig...wasn't having it. He called Mike up and said "you don't get to say 'no.' Cook with it first." Mike gave it a shot then decided it was time to meet Wendy.

That was 4 years ago.

From product development, intense logo, name and packaging debates, and countless recipe modifications, it was a long road for the Jersey Girl. But eventually, Jersey Girl Hot Sauce Co. was formed. The intense heat that started with Garden of Evil has certainly become more palatable for even the most hot sauce-averse eater, but the burning passion has never waned. This is the sauce - the one that adds a bit of Summer heat, even in the dead of Winter. This is the sauce that'll make you swear you're eating a burger on the beach while you're eating ramen watching Netflix (both great options, really). There are a lot of sauces out there. But there's a new girl in town, and no one's hotter than the Jersey Girl.

The Founders:
Founder / Product Development: Wendy Yazujian
Co Founder: Chief Operating Officer: Michael Peters
Co Founder: Director of eCommerce: Craig Trinkley
The Team
Marketing Director: Ryan Schwartz
Content Editor: Kassandra Noel
Content Editor: Katherine Mary