Meet Mable: How to Get Jersey Girl Hot Sauce on Your Store Shelves

Jersey Girl is branching out! We have partnered with Mable to offer Jersey Girl Hot Sauce to all of you brands and stores and restaurants and strange folks that buy bulk cases of hot sauces to fuel your steampunk assault vehicles in the future sauce wars (we’re going to drive an armored VW Microbus!).

If you are looking to get Jersey Girl on your shelves today, go check us out:

And if you aren’t currently interested, allow us to shamelessly pitch at you:

Jersey Girl is sustainably made in the USA, woman-led, made without preservatives or additives or thickeners, and committed to cutting our carbon footprint and being a good global citizen. After all, we can’t surf if there’s no shoreline anymore.

Beyond that, though, it’s delicious. It’s sweet potato-based, which is not a common thing in the hot sauce marketplace, but it gives the sauce more depth of flavor. That could be why that in the dozens of stores that currently carry Jersey Girl Hot Sauce—from food markets to restaurants to, buckle up for this one, hair salons—we are constantly selling out.

Jersey Girl’s pretty attractive, huh? Come join her crew, and let your customers add some attitude to their food.

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