I was going to make a “buzz” pun, but they’re all overdone. Save the bees. Really.

Alright, look, I know I already wrote about crickets. No, I’m not some weirdo that loves bugs, but I want to talk to you about bees.

 After all, we make Bee Sweet hot sauce, and that wouldn’t exist without our friends, the humble little buzzy boi.

 Actually, a lot wouldn’t exist without the bee.

 Let me be very clear, though. I’m not talking about hornets. I’m not talking about wasps. Those are all savage monsters that ruin what may have otherwise been a perfectly good Summer day. In fact, considering how horribly hornets can ruin the Summer, they may be the exact opposite of Jersey Girl Hot Sauce.

 Anyway, product placement aside, let’s get back to the bee. Remember the bee? We started talking about the bee. Firstly, they have fur. That’s adorable.

 You can actually pet a bumblebee without it stinging you. I should note, though, as a representative of this company, that you can still get stung if you do try to pet a bumblebee. I’m not guaranteeing a bumblebee-human friendship.

 But yes, the bee is a cool little insect, and 70% of the crops that make up 90% of the world’s diet are pollinated by bees.

 That’s the stinger. With bees dying off due to climate change, due to pesticides, due to human encroachment on their habitats, it takes us a step closer to worsening world hunger. In fact, according to the BBC (and who doesn’t trust the Brits?), without bees our grocery stores would only have about half as much produce as they currently have.

 While that may be tough to imagine – or you may be someone that doesn’t eat much produce anyway and don’t think it’s a big deal – consider that produce goes into hot sauce and tomato sauce and jams and jellies and other non-produce-section items.

In short, there would be a food shortage of epic proportions – not to mention a complete lack of honey.

Now, I get this article has had kind of a flippant tone to it considering the potential gravity of the situation if bee populations continue to dwindle, but while this is extremely important to consider, this is still being written by an ex-punk rocker that does the marketing for a hot sauce brand.

But that’s the point, man (or woman). I’m not a scientist. I cited a source that based their journalism off of scientific research, but I’m just some guy trying to sell you hot sauce and maybe save the world. I care about bees, and just as importantly, I care that we all have enough to eat.

While I can’t offer much to end hunger today, I can at least offer you some Bee Sweet hot sauce and promise we’ll do our best to protect the buzzy bros and broettes as they pollinate and party in their hives.

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