Hot Sauce - Do I store it in the fridge?

Unleash Culinary Creativity with Jersey Girl Hot Sauce

Introducing Jersey Girl Hot Sauce, a culinary delight that infuses any meal with a spicy charm. This hot sauce strikes a delicate balance between fiery heat and unique tangy flavor and sweetness from roasted sweet potatoes. 

Hot sauce consumers often wonder, “Does Cholula Hot Sauce expire, or should it be refrigerated, since most restaurants leave it on the table?” The answer is that it retains its quality for about half a year after opening and remains suitable for use until the best-before date printed on the bottle. Much like this, our Jersey Girl Hot Sauce retains its extraordinary flavor for a similar timeframe post opening when looked after correctly.

Many studies suggest that you do not need to refrigerate your hot sauce after opening, due to the high concentrations of salt and vinegar. At Jersey Girl, we are a sodium free hot sauce, and recommend storing our sauces in the fridge after opening.

Get your bottle of Jersey Girl Hot Sauce today to ignite your dishes with a tangy, fiery kick.

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